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15k & 20k psi Floor Cleaners

The FCSV TM and FCSG TM are self-rotating floor cleaners and surface preparation machines, operating at 15k or 20k psi. The differences between the two models is that the FCSV TM comes with a 4" Camlock vacuum system while the FCSG TM does not. These tools are made of corrosion resistant zinc plated steel and come with a StoneAge® SG-30 TM free spinning swivel connected to four jet arms. The swivel operates at 300 - 1,000 rpm from the jet reaction and uses AP4 Attack Tips ®. Now you can clean garages, parking lots and other flat surfaces safely and effectively while eliminating operator hazard. These tools perform a wide range of functions, including cleaning paint from gratings and degreasing surfaces, as  well as removing coatings, decontaminates and membranes. They can also scarify concrete, clean tanks and tackle dirty pit floors.


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